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Google Tiltbrush Experiment

| Cars, Exterior, Google Tiltbrush, PolyModeling For Autodesign, renderings | 2 Comments
I've recently purchased the HTC Vive VR and Google's Tiltbrush software. Here's my experiment of going from a Tiltbrush sketch to Zbrush, to a VRED paint-over. Has anyone used the...

01- A light airy race car

| Cars, Digital Napkin Sketches, Exterior, Photoshop, software | One Comment
This is the first sketch of my "creative week" project.  Starting today, Sunday, the first day of the week, I'll create a sketch-per-day.  I'll rest on Saturday, the 7th day...

Christmas break fun!

| Cars, PolyModeling For Autodesign | One Comment
This little sportscar was created over the Christmas break.   It began life as quick zbrush sculpt, a tool that's often great for investigating form.    Satisfied with the "loose"...

Spoke Maker

| PolyModeling For Autodesign | 5 Comments
The Carstylus "Spoke Maker" for Zbrush as seen in this video is nearly complete.  Soon it'll be available on the Carstylus Store and Gumroad.com/carstylus   Keep watching this space for updates!

Zbrush Topology Brush Block-in

| Blocking-In Form, Exterior, PolyModeling For Autodesign | No Comments
Starting a car model with a primitive such as a sphere or cube has it’s advantages, particularly when there is no clear design direction and you want to “explore” form....